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Webster Detention Center in Augusta, GA was a 12,815 m² (137,940 ft2) expansion project. SouthEast Automated Systems saw the installation of a comprehensive smoke control system for each housing pod and main corridors connected to a central fireman’s override panel.   >>more

Publish your building automation system to the Web quickly and easily >>more

Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls

Southeast Automated Systems, LLC. can incorporate Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls.

What is Facility Explorer?

With Facility Explorer, you get increased visibility into building operations so you can resolve problems faster and easily. On-site or remotely.

You can modify equipment and system control parameters to maximize efficiency and comfort from your mobile device. Plus we've made it easy to customize applications for your enterprise. No special tools. No add-ons. Just the commitment to create a control system tailored to your specific requirements

The more you can see how your facility is performing, the more you'll know how to reduce costs and improve comfort. Facility Explorer meets any building management need.

Wireless or wired field controllers and devices provide direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. Supervisory controllers deliver network-wide coordination for single or multiple sites. The result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution.

For more information, contact us or visit the Johnson Controls website.